Aries Rhysing

I was drawn to tattooing by the power of the images, the stories they told, and the sacredness of what takes place when someone expresses themselves by changing their body for this lifetime – with the art of tattooing. I had been told my whole life that I would share my art, and tattooing made that possible. I strive to create beautiful, timeless tattoos that honor the traditions of tattooing, as well as making a contribution to the art and expansion of our craft. My greatest inspirations today also come from the world around me, the abundance of beauty in nature, and the amazing clients that enrich my artistic vision with every tattoo that I am privileged to do…

I was taught by my mother that if I am not part of the solution I am part of the problem… and I have always sought to find creative ways to help those that are less fortunate. Recently I realized that I could help the under-served populations of addicts seeking recovery, high-risk youth, and of course the animals in my community by doing what I currently do best - which is tattoo! By taking one day of my services as a tattoo artist and donating 100% of the proceeds I can help organizations that serve those populations much more than I ever could by volunteering my time. I spent a great deal of time attending events, visiting non-profit organizations and viewing their work in the community, as well as actually volunteering and seeing how their organizations are run from behind the scenes.

After a period of deliberation I chose three organizations in Denver that are doing amazing work and also keeping their endeavors focused on the populations they serve - PHOENIX MULTI-SPORTS, ART FROM ASHES, and PLANNED PETHOOD INTERNATIONAL. I have been dedicating one day a month of my services and donation 100% of the proceeds since early 2014, and found after the first month that several other artists in the community were interested in doing the same! In addition to tattoo artists, personal trainers and hair stylists also expressed an interest in joining us - and our community is continuing to grow each month. Ultimately our goal has become to support these organizations as much as we can doing what we do best, helping them to focus more on providing the services needed within their organizations, which is where the real miracles take place!

As my life progresses and my endeavors continue to grow and expand I am hoping that we will see a real change in how members of our community view giving of their time and energy to help those who are struggling and less fortunate. I hope to raise awareness of the question "what are we doing for our community?" and collectively answer that we are all doing our part.