Art from Ashes (AfA) promotes youth empowerment through creative programs, mainly poetry and spoken word, to help youth move past their limitations and discover hope, humanity and self-determination through the power of words. AfA's Phoenix Rising workshops not only offer young people access to the arts and to their creative power, but in doing so also address risk factors among struggling young people.

Studies show that factors contributing to juvenile delinquency include a lack of activities for youth that provide constructive developmental experiences, disconnect between youth and adults; and the lack of personal resiliency that results from low self-esteem. AfA's creative workshops focus on positive, interactive activities that are designed to promote healthy thinking and behaviors; offer an opportunity for youth to connect to adult facilitators, poets and artists, each other and the community; and produce in youth a deeper belief in themselves and their potential.

To date, AfA has provided creative workshops with approximately 100 partnering organizations for more than 8,000 young people who have survived traumatic events, are victims of abuse, neglect and/or poverty, and are at risk for engaging in destructive behaviors.

Empowering youth through creative expression & personal transformation

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