The Little Old Dog Sanctuary rescues small senior and/or special needs dogs from shelters and brings them to their Sanctuary to live out the remainder of their lives in a sort of dog Utopia.

They are committed to cleaning up copious amounts of questionable fluids and solids, staying up 24 hours a day to coddle colds, dementia, and hurt feelings, and to deal with the deafening cacophony of barking when the UPS man knocks at the door.

We are proud to support their mission and champion their cause!

Providing remainder of life care and comfort for small dogs.

Little Old Dog Sanctuary


Strength in numbers! If you feel inspired by what we do and who we support, and would like to donate time or professional services, please contact us ASAP!

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Every cent counts! If our mission and goals resonate, and you'd like to donate funds or tangibles, know that your contribution will truly make a difference!

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